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Off Road All Tarrain Electric Skateboard X7

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  • 8 Layers of Canadian maple for a High-end appearance.
  • The 6-inch non-inflatable TPE off-road tires.
  • One skate dual-use - comes with 83 PU wheels for a flat surface and 6-inch off-road wheels for dirt roads, grassland, slopes and mountain ride.
  • Elegant look with an integrated board surface, colourful lights and an embedded battery.
  • A new generation of power support for comfortable riding.
  • A good heat dissipation performance.
  • Ergonomics Remote Control.


  • Motors - 1000W * 2
  • Battery - 7500 MAH/ 4S1P
  • Battery Current - 42V 7.5AH 10S3P
  • Deck Material - 8 Layers Canadian Maple
  • Speed - 40 km/H
  • Range - 20 km
  • Weight Limit - 150 kg Max.
  • Hill Gradient - 30
  • Weight - 15 kg
  • Charge Time - 5-6 Hrs
  • Deck Dimensions - 38.2 x 12.2 x 7.0 Inch
  • Tires - 5.9 Inch
  • Wheels - 150*40/TPE + 83*52/PU
  • Trucks - Aluminum Alloy
  • Remote - Ergonomic Bluetooth remote

What's Included:

  • Electric Skateboard
  • Ergonomics Remote Control
  • Charger Cable
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Power Supply Adapter
  • Remote Charger Cable
  • Screwdriver
  • Manual
  • Drive Belt
  • Additional Tires

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
AT skateboard family fun

Wow! This thing is all that it says it’s going to be and more!
I brought this for my 7yr old daughter and she loves it - she able to sit and ride it with her mother on any surface.
I’m able to ride it also when I get a shot.
Family fun

Thank you

liam brunner

Awsome job

Colin Jeffs

It is very well-built and designed. My son makes it look effortless to balance on, and he was doing Superman flying-styled passes in front of me within minutes.The battery lasted well when I took my son to the local park. From a full charge, he could zip around the park paths for long hours.It's fast too. I am cringing for when he has his first fall. This was a good off-road buy and turned many heads at the park.

Mitch Langer
Just Amazing

I love the board! All the features are amazing that the X7 has, especially the speed, power, massive tires and remote! I have spent enough time on this skate and am happy to recommend it to anyone looking for a more advanced and powerful board!

Paul Ryen

I turned 51 and thought, why not. I surf a lot, but I tried skateboarding after about 20 years. We were already carving around paths and grass hills on the first day with my son and friends. Felt like I was snowboarding or cruising a long wave. The longer board and nice width make it stable once you are on it. The power is unbelievable. My mates are also ordering so we can go on group rides. Love it.


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