What Skateboard Size Should You Get? - Skateboards Size Guide

What Skateboard Size Should You Get? - Skateboards Size Guide

Cruiser, longboards or Electric Skateboards – what size should I get? Not tough to imagine why a dilemma prevails over the skateboard size exists. You keep looking for the 'expert' to say it, but they say it's personal preferences that should inspire your choice of a skateboard. Does that mean they're avoiding your direct question? It's not true! 


Let's get you through the skateboards size guide with a better understanding. 


Personal preferences over technical tricks or ledges or big bowls or handrails vary from person to person. You can't be the 'other' person and pick a skateboard best suited for their purpose, right? So, first things first, consider your shoe size and a proportional board to match. How? 


If you wear a shoe size between 6.5" -9.0", a board of deck width 7.5" -8.0" is ideal for you. Similarly, people wearing shoes larger than 9.5" should opt for boards with a deck between 8.0" and 8.5" or more. 


If you are a newbie or a parent trying to help your kid, you should go for a broader deck like 8.25" -9.0" as it provides a comfortable and stable platform for rides or cruises. Smart tricks can work for you if you keep learning and practicing them. 


Quick Skateboard Size Guide


Micro Deck Width (6.5"– 6.75") for 3'4" height (age 5) or shorter with shoe size 1


Mini Deck Width (7.0") for 3'5" – 4'4" (age 6-8) with shoe size 2-5


Mid Deck Width (7.25" – 7.375") for 4'5" – 5'2" (age 9-12) with shoe size 6-8


Full Deck Width (7.5" – wider) for 5'3" – taller (age 13+) with shoe size 9+


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