What Are The Best Skateboard Tricks For Beginners?

What Are The Best Skateboard Tricks For Beginners?

Getting crisp confidence and encouragement to do the ‘best tricks’ would require a progressive approach. You can find skateboard tricks for beginners like rail grinds or kick-flips that aren’t effective for a starter on browsing the Internet. In the following, we highlight those easy-to-do tricks for you to try and master quickly.


  • Biebelheimer

Grab the skateboard by its nose with your fingers on the opposite side. Flip the skateboard by 180-degrees in a slightly angled manner to turn and fall on the side of the wheel. Though not a ‘highlight’ trick, you can practice figuring out an excellent entry to the club. 


  • Nollie Shove It

One of the stylish skateboard tricks for beginners – Nollie Shove it – asks you to make the tiniest hops with barely the foot on the skateboard’s nose. Just while you roll on the skateboard in motion, give a hop to switch the flip. 


  • Boneless

We believe it’s the downright practice that can easily turn it special for you. Set your feet in the position to come off right and land on the ground. Keep the back foot on the board and jump off it with the hand and back on the board. 


  • Hippie Jump

That’s a favourite among youngsters. The hippie jump asks you to jump right in the middle and above the bolts. Start by doing small jumps while you move. Remember, if you land on the nose or tail, it’s a guaranteed slip. However, a little practice can switch off the scary aspect.


  • Nose Pickup

You must have seen a lot of skaters doing this. That’s cool, isn’t it? Picking your skateboard just after you came down and walked as nothing happened. Roll down your skateboard and step on the nose to pop the board and grab from behind. 


Try these fantastic tricks again and again!