A Quick Guide to Skateboard Parts

A Quick Guide to Skateboard Parts

Better learn skating than know its parts. Well, it’s not hard to ‘decipher’ a skateboard that has only a few components to understand. Let’s get down there to make it easy for you to understand those skateboard parts. 


For skaters, it’s pretty crucial to understand what skateboard parts or elements do. Whether you start cruising on a stable and comfortable platform or roundabout an area with a technical trick, it’s handy to learn these attributes. Check the following:



Deck: The rugged platform where you land your foot in and move around. It’s made of laminated wood. Some modern manufacturers may use materials like maple wood to provide great flexibility and durability.



Trucks: T-shaped turn parts under the deck to provide axles where the wheels are attached to. 



Wheels: The crucial skateboard parts allow rolling and moving around and provide housing to the bearings. The latest wheels are available with style, colour, size, and durability preferences.



Bearings: They are necessary parts to make the wheels move freely and seamlessly.



Grip Tape: It’s applied on the top of the deck to provide a perfect grip on the feet.



Hardware: Nuts and bolts and other components to ensure solid performance. 



While browsing the Internet, scores of skateboard part explanations give a fair amount of understanding. Meanwhile, if you are exploring genuine parts, you should visit Skateboard Australia to get high-quality and premium products priced reasonably for purchases.